GuideSTAR Announces Strategic Alliance and New Software Offerings

DENVER, Colorado, March 14, 2011 — At the opening of the National Fusion Conference, GuideSTAR Technologies, Inc, which offers advanced technology solutions for law enforcement, announced a strategic partnership with TransGlobal Business Systems for the development of Guardian, leading-edge software for intelligent 911 response. TransGlobal is a premier provider of situational awareness software for 911 service integration in the U.S.

Guardian, to be released this summer, enables local public safety agencies to integrate their handling of 911 calls with other public safety event response, through the combination of GuideSTAR’s Raptor investigative software platform with TransGlobal’s Situation Awareness Management System (SAMS). The combination provides rich, “in context” information and recommends intelligent response actions. “We have a great opportunity to work together with TransGlobal to amplify the power of today’s intelligent 911 response tools,” said Ron Fournet, GuideSTAR’s CEO. “They have a terrific existing technology capability that will work powerfully with our Raptor platform.”

“We’ve been very impressed by GuideSTAR’s Raptor technology and are looking forward to integrating it into our offerings,” said Mark Walcott, President of TransGlobal. “We think our customers and the broader market are going to be very receptive of this new capability.”

In addition to Guardian, GuideSTAR also announced Project Keystone, offering new software to attack the mortgage fraud epidemic. Project Keystone will integrate commercial and government fraud prevention and resolution efforts, thus bolstering the economic foundations of local communities.

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